Belt Requirements (Junior Belt System)

After earning a Junior Black Belt, a student can then work toward earning a Standard Green Belt to continue their training.

Belt Requirements (No Test System)

  • Beginner Gray Belt

  • Intermediate Gray Belt

  • Advanced Gray Belt

Gray belt promotions can take place when an individual is not interested in testing for new belts and writing papers for each. A beginner gray belt practitioner is in the yellow to blue belt range in terms of skill and experience. An intermediate gray belt practitioner is in the purple to 2nd-degree green belt range. And finally, an advanced gray belt practitioner is in the red to 3rd-degree brown belt range.

If at any point a gray belt practitioner wishes to enter the color belt system, they can test for one of the belts in their category (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Prior to the test, they must write papers on all previous topics associated with the earlier belts and be able to demonstrate earlier belt requirements.