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Master Di Loreto recently sent out an email on March 18th that states the following:

I hope that you are all doing well and finding ways to stay connected with other people. I missed you all last night and am eager to be able to train with you all again. In light of that there are two things that I wanted to communicate with all of you.
First, we will need to not hold class the way we have for longer than the two weeks I had originally planned on. As further, and much needed, restrictions are asked of us it is my belief that we need to comply with these as much as possible.
That leads into the second thing I wanted to tell you. I am going to try some virtual classes through conferencing tool called zoom. I have a zoom account so none of you will need to pay for anything. (which reminds me do not pay for any of this time that we are not meeting) I will send you all a link in an email and you will simply need to click on the link and then you will be invited into the conference room. When we first do this it will take some adjusting and tweaking but that is fine. You will need a computer or a phone with video capabilities. If you have the ability to use a microphone that is also helpful. That way we can all say hello. If you don't have one or both of these capabilities let me know and we will try to work something out with that.
For the first class I am thinking of something pretty simple like warm ups, we all do Chon Ji together a couple of times, and finish with some riding stance punches. We will see how this goes and then build from there as is possible. I am not expecting this to be perfect as we can all get a little goofy when we are on camera. I am just hoping we can connect and encourage one another through our martial arts practice together. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this and we will work from there.
I miss you all very much and am sending you all lots of prayers and much love.

The first online Zoom class is scheduled to take place on Tuesday the 24th at 6:45pm. Master Di Loreto plans on sending email invites to these online meetings. Please contact either Master Di Loreto or myself if you are not currently on the email list and would like to be added.

In addition to the Zoom classes, I am hoping to start recording video tutorials of belt requirements when I have the time. I am thinking that I would start with the earlier belt requirements and work my way through them towards later levels.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to let either Master Di Loreto or me know. We are happy to help!

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