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Upcoming Classes

Here is the plan for the upcoming classes!

We will finish off January with sticks, staff, and other weapons. Expect to practice with these upon coming to class on the 28th.

In February we will begin our mixed sparring and grappling series. Here is what you can expect:

4th - Footwork / Falling

11th - Takedowns / Nagashi

18th - Sparring / Grappling

The last Tuesday in February (25th) will be a test night. We should have a few people preparing for their tests during the next few weeks.

March will be an internal power series. You can expect the following:

3rd - Wing Chun / Chi Sau

10th - Chi Sau / Nagashi

17th - Nagashi / Jiu-jitsu

24th - Wing Chun / Jiu-jitsu

The 31st of March is undeclared at this point. It could be anything from an extension of our internal power series or a test night to a special topic class, such as night of a thousand kicks.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! You can contact me through the contact section on the home page, emailing me directly, or just asking Master Di Loreto or myself in class.

Don't forget to practice!

- Master Swartwood

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